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 Post subject: Re: MPC 1000 - not impressed!
PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:12 am 

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I should probably update this...

For now, I still have both. The MPC has grown on me a lot, especially since I sprung for JJOS2XL.

I'm running a little experiment at the moment. I've swapped the MPC for my RM1X as it needs it's switches replaced anyway, so it's now sitting at the heart of all my gear as my main sequencer. Not sure if it'll be a permanent swap, as the RM1X is my favourite sequencer ever, and my hands move around it faster than I can think, but it seems pretty capable, so we'll see.

I'd say for programming drums, the MPC beats the 404 sequenced by the RM1X. The swing, feel of the pads and note repeat make it really easy plus being able to save programs of your most used kits make it fast to get up and running with go-to sounds.

On the downside, having to load each time I turn it on pisses me off. I loved the way the RM1X and 404 take just a few seconds to initialise and you're rolling - no loading or saving. It's all just there.

Also, is the MPC as solid with MIDI as the RM1X? I dunno. Initially, it seemed not. I had the RM1X running to a MIDI Thru box and when I plugged the MPC into this I ran into all sorts of bother with glitches, errors and stuck notes. Utilising the extra MIDI out and losing the Thru box seemed to have fixed it but I don't quite trust it implicitly yet...

Bottom line is I think the MPC really has to sit at the heart of your setup. Which means it's fighting an RM1X, and not the 404. It's too powerful to just use as a drum machine I think, and not immediate enough to play like a 404.

So what's the 404 doing?

It's in pride of place next to my turntable. I prefer sampling into it and it's just so much more immediate for trying out ideas. If needed, I then either resample to MPC or just MIDI it in at the end of the chain.

That's the story so far :lol:

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