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 Post subject: Caikote 44 pads fix
PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:29 am 
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The pads on my 505 had been dirty and gunky for months and I was too much of a puss to open the unit up and clean it. Instead i learned how to trigger my 505 pads through a midi controller via ableton and thats a great work around in and of itself. However, eventually i had to push some of the pads really hard just so i could sample onto em. I decided that enough was enough and I should just get in there and try to clean them.

So first i found an sp forum post that said to use QD contact cleaner, which in my opinion only made things worse. Then I found another post about some stuff called Caikote 44. Guess what??? This Caikote 44 shit works!!!

The little kit costs like $10 bucks online.

Here's where i fucked up:

I painted directly onto black parts on the actual PCB of the sp505. I saw some a picture of someone that painted the PCB on their korg electribe so if figured thats how you were supposed to do it. WRONG!!! You are only supposed to paint the black parts of the rubber pad. NOT onto the PCB. When I turned the unit on and pressed the pads most were not responsive at all and the ones that were responsive were doing some crazy shit, like triggering other pads, saving backups, it was crazy af. So I opened up the unit and decided to clean the Caikote 44 off of the PCB board. I did this with 100% acetone Nail Polish remover using qtips and paper towels. Got that shit looking clean again. I closed the unit back up, powered that bitch up, and Viola Presto! The pads were working close to like new. Fucking amazing!

Here are my basic Step by step instruction for using Caikote 44 effectively.

Step 1: open up the unit.
Step 2: remove Rubber Pads.
Step 3: Soak the rubber pads in a mixture of alcohol and water, remove all of the gunk with qtip. and Hang em up to dry. (I dont know how long it takes to dry cuz i just hung mine up over night.)
Step 4: Get some nail polish remover %100 acetone and clean the black parts where the rubber pads make contact on the circuit board.
Step 5: Use the lint free swab that comes in the Caikote 44 kit and paint the black parts on the underside of the rubber pads with a solid silver coat using Caikote 44. (If you accidentally paint outside of the black area you can always remove it easily with the acetone. Its basically like painting nails.)
Step 6: Let the Caikote 44 dry for 15 mins.
Step 7: Reassemble the unit... Turn it on.... Smoke a bowl... Find some dope samples... Starts Making beats

 Post subject: Re: Caikote 44 pads fix
PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:21 pm 
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Good to know! Thanx!

Livin my life in da underground

 Post subject: Re: Caikote 44 pads fix
PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:34 am 
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For future searchers.
This is what your board looks like after using caikote 44. as discussed in the thread below, use graphite.

IMG_0284forum.jpg [ 175.9 KiB | Viewed 1908 times ]
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