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 Post subject: How I use sp404 with live band (no lofi hiphop)
PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 10:17 pm 
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Hi guys,

I spent quite lot of time on sp-forum so I though I should contribute to this community how I use my sp404 :)

Im originally bassist and produce my own music but I found pop rock band that wanted to add loops into their songs. So I was looking for sample player and sp404 looked great so basically I record their songs, quantize it in ableton and create couple of synths/samples/beats - export them as loops and trigger them live. Each song one bank.

Then I created my own song for this band and during the rehearsal i got this idea to take sample of heavy riff on electric guitar, apply filter, max drive, max resonance and and minimum cut off, fast finger trigger it in rhythm and play with cut of so it sound like scratching - i really dont know how to call it but like that we have a really nice "solo" in middle8.

So i started to think about sp404 more like an instrument and use more FX on each part.

However without quantization if you screw trigger loop on first beat you have to wait till next repeat and that kinda suck...

So I got Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+, simplified parts for each song into 4 loops max such as:



strings-vocal chops-synth-drums

basically either i have four full loops or four separated instruments that you can combine together.

Each loop is 16 beat, same BPM, uploaded into banks ABCD in Korg. They are all playing together and you simply mute/unmute beach bank so switch from verse to chorus is "quantized" and it worked great. Especially the limitation by four loops only I had to pick up only the "best" parts for each song.

However - KP3 doesnt have dedicated "play" button, all samples play whole time and you can align them but its kinda stupid. You and drummer are listening to standalone "click" and you try to simultaneously "unmute" first loop and "align"-restart the loop of first beat after count-in. I could trigger them in "restart" mode but I would loose "quantization".

The second drawback (which is the one I had to abandon using only KP3) is speed - man, it takes around one minute to load new "Scene".

So I got back to sp404. We have 12 songs now so I have banks A-D, each line of pads one song. four pads-four loops.

I have uploaded all loops (stems) into banks A-D and then use secondary banks F-I for resampling.


Bank A-Pad1 unmastered 16beat loop of acoustic guitar.

Bank F-Pad1 resampled 3 minute long loop of that acoustic guitar with compression/eq/effects applied.

During the resampling i tweak the effects so its "evolving". I do not resample as loop. If i know the song is 3 minutes long and that guitar will play whole song I need 3 minutes long wav.

Drawback is that all loops must be mono, but working without DAW, using only ears and no need to mess with "perfect loop" is absolutely priceless.

About the quantization of triggering loops - I just train a lot to trigger in time.

Live play:

All samples are mono.
L/R goes from sp404 to Kp3.

I have bank A in KP3 dedicated as 4 beat metronome playing only to left.

Right output of Kp3 goes to my bass amp GK rb1001 with 4x12.

Left output goes to drummers and mine in-ears - so we hear click+loops.

I set the the tempo, trigger the bank (restart mode), me a drummer hear it, drummer count in rest of the band.

 Post subject: Re: How I use sp404 with live band (no lofi hiphop)
PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:33 pm 
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That’s pretty awesome mang. Do you have any footage of this in action?


 Post subject: Re: How I use sp404 with live band (no lofi hiphop)
PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:07 pm 
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I don't but I can in June post link to download whole sp404 sd card backup with all stems.

Im also thinking about routing sp404 and Kaoss Pad like this:

1 - kp3 Send mode
2 - sp404 Left Line Out to kp3 Left Line In
3 - kp3 Left Line Out to sp404 Right Line In
4 - sp404 Right Line Out to Amp

This way you could use sp404 FX both before and after kp3 FX but I have to check if theres no bleeding of left/right channel to other one. I would love to use simultaneously grain delay of kp3 with reverb on sp404.

You could also have sp404 stereo stem (loop) with lets say drums hard panned right and synth hard panned left so as the output you have both drums and synth playing out but you can apply kp3 effects on synth only.

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