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 Post subject: Quality loss(?)
PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 9:07 pm 
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I’m just expecting some tips to be dropped, definitely not a full walkthrough or whatever, just a cuppla tips

Here’s the situation:
I noticed that the 404 outputted to my monitors sounds fine... yet when I record into my daw and listen to the playback, it’s as if something gets lost in the recording. I’m still pretty early days but I’m just seeking a few tips. For example, I’ll have a beat, I’ll have a synth bassline and a sample, drums etc. When played straight from the SX through my interface out to my monitors it sounds great, the sample can still be heard at a nice level, bass is fine drums are fine. But once I record through my interface into Ableton, the drums are normally fine, bass is normally fine, but the sample, per se, would sound like it’s losing it’s highs and mids. The 404sx compressor enhances this even further yet I do like to use this effect for what it does to my bass. I can use ableton to EQ after but that just EQs the whole track (obviously) and would boost not what I want and just create a mess,so boosting highs would end up with hi hats out to stab you in your ear rather than fix up that sample, I would rather make those adjustments to the recording once what I got is perfect to me fresh from the 404.

Here’s the question: I don’t do this enough, but I should probably EQ my samples on the 404 first to boost what’s needed and cancel what isn’t, likewise for bass and drums... this could be/seems likely may be my problem... but what tips do you guys have post recording to make things sound more “fair” to what it would sound like fresh out the 404?

And what tips you guys have for the 404sx itself during the process before recording into my DAW for me to really get the juices out of the samples and sounds I use, making it sound more refined?

NOTE: I use the pattern sequencer if this helps anyone direct any tip.

*im super tired btw so I apologise for anything that is illegible or makes no sense


 Post subject: Re: Quality loss(?)
PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2020 2:32 am 
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hmm, maybe try pulling ur beat straight of the card and see if it has something to do with the line outs?

hope this helps

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