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 Post subject: Android app for pitch / timestretch / drum library!
PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:32 am 
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Hey everyone,
Long time lurker / first time poster, hopefully giving some value to at least somebody in a community that has given so much knowledge to me.

I haven't seen this mentioned here before so..

'Music Speed Changer' for android. It's free too

In the app you can access all music and sounds on your phone, and have the option to :
- pitch up / down semitone, by decimal point.
- stretch / speed up songs or sounds by percentages.
- save edited song onto your device with pitch and time changed
- set loop A/B points and only save that portion.
- preview oneshot sound files.

so save full songs, or hit the A/B buttons and press the save in the upper right and it gives you the option to save the loop only

The algo on this thing is crazy good.. It honestly sounds to me like it's cleaner than even abletons 'complex' stretching

Essentially removing the need for a DAW for these tasks.. if you don't mind replacing it with phone. Even if you have an old phone laying around.. fill that thing up.

The way i use it is i'll load up a bunch of albums on my phone and while i'm away from the SP i'll listen through, find breaks or whatever.. and either save the full song that i want to chop up later or A/B save say a drumbreak that i'll want to play with later.

Another thing I do for a portable drum library is tag my kits and stuff on PC (iTunes or something) and label the artist or albums as '_KICK' '_SNARE' '_BREAKS' etc.
Transfer it to my phone and then i have all my shit on there and i don't need to open my laptop to grab that adlib / snare or whatever that i want to quickly record into my SP.
The Music Speed Changer app also previews sounds when you're selecting them to open, so you can just scroll through your sounds and it plays them as a oneshot and stops.

Sorry i totally KNOW this sounds like spam or a sales pitch to the extreme level lol.
Just i know i've seen people asking this kind of question around and i'm just happy that this app kinda seems like the perfect solution.



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