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 Post subject: Improved quality
PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:40 pm 

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improving overall quality


dont worry about upping your game to preserve dedication to lo-fi production techniques

Ive made music strictly computer based . and to reecent strictly hardware based.

both styles have benefits ..

I enjoy lo-fi as much as anybody .. but utlizing digital enhancement is a good way forward

i make beats on the 404 +rc 505 .. bounce em to tape (the analogue .. hardware element

record vocals through the 404 to Rc via hardware external fx ..

now .. from here im gonna tranafer the beats and vocal take into a DAW via USB

next .. mix it uding Cubase .. to improve levels and tweak shit .. panning etc


quality can affect perception


Live life . Love life

 Post subject: Re: Improved quality
PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:20 am 

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some might argue that there is no need for any hardware, that it is a novelty . others will use no software and have rooms of gear and claim they can tell the difference between a youtube rip and a flac. either way, i think personal computer devices are not, were not ever designed for music, sure it made things easy when it came out, to program your emu drumulator 2000 with a screen on your computer with a light pen, at that time there was no all in one software daw's either. I think recording in 24 bit gives your music way more charm and character, warmth and depth that a 32 bit soundcard cannot capture, so, pro audio gear does sound better, and trying to emulate true analog sound is achievable also, so whatever floats your boat. no one cares what it's made on, they dont even care if it sounds good. people are dumb,.

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