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 Post subject: How to resample part of a pattern. It's short but works.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 2:24 pm 
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Also posted to the SP404 subreddit.

Disclaimer: This method only gets you about a second of resample time. But, if used well, you could have a quantized loop to use with the resample method, or you could use it in the sequencer and free up tracks for other samples so they don’t cut each other off as much. It would basically be like bouncing your drums to one track on the sequencer instead of them taking up three (or more) tracks.

It goes like this:

Make a 1 bar loop in the sequencer. Your BPM will affect how this works, like I said I only got about a second out of it so that’s a constraint. At 90bpm, I got half a bar I can loop (kick-hat-snare-hat).

Exit pattern sequencer, add the delay effect (NOT MFX2) to all pads in the loop (add to one pad, hold remain and select all pads in the loop).




Play something quick. It’s delayed by about a second.

Now, practice this: resample to an empty pad by triggering another empty pad. In the video, I chose pad 6 as the empty pad I’m resampling to, and triggered the resample by hitting empty pad 4. Try it, nothing will record, you’ll just have a soundless pad. This is important so you can trigger the resample function and not have any other sample resampled when you resample the loop.

Now, the tricky bit. Practice the resampling function VERY FAST. The moment you hit resample is the moment the pattern sequencer cuts off. But, with the delay, it’ll still play for a short moment. You gotta be able to trigger and get resampling going in like under half a second. Timing is absolutely crucial here.

Have the sequencer playing your loop with the delay effect on the pads it’s playing. Time this right. While it’s playing, right before the beginning of the loop is about to play (and I mean, like, literally under half a second before it’s about to play), hit that resample and record the empty pad (pad 4 to pad 6 in video). It’ll resample the empty pad as well as the delayed loop that’s playing.

Adjust start and end marks. If you got your timing correct, you should have a half bar quantized loop resampled.

If anyone could try this on another SP to see if it works and report back, that would be super appreciated.


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