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 Post subject: CLICK noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 6:29 am 
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so i chop drums on the internal memory, then sample loops on the card.
when i make a beat, i record myself on tape with the loop playing and i hit the drum hits, then i bounce back, add another drum, bounce, etc.
like 30% of the time i hit a drum chop, i'll get a PEAKING click noise immediately after the hit is done playing.
i'll have to record myself multiple times until i get a take without the clicking

anyone know wtf is going on? is this normal? am i doing something wrong? is my 202 defective? :| :cry: :cry:

pls help


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 Post subject: Re: CLICK noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 3:39 pm 
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Think of a sinewave, it has a half circle facing up and a half circle facing Down, but both begin and end in the same place, that being the middle. When you have a waveform that does not end in the same place it began, it’s gonna click like that. And the slower the frequency (or, the lower the frequency) the more noticeable the click, as a result of the incompleteness of the waveform.

So if I had to guess it sounds like you might have your chops set to gate and are letting off of the pads before the samples actually finished playing. My advise would be to either 1. Be mindful of how you play your chops, and try to let sounds ring out to completion, or 2. Play with shorter chops set to trigger mode instead. Maybe crank the pitch up and then record into tape then resample and rechop?


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