Sample Start/End point editing question
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Author:  ryba [ Sun Jun 20, 2021 7:05 am ]
Post subject:  Sample Start/End point editing question

As a user of 303 I was used to edit start/end point of a sample by mark button and than finelize it with knobs.
On 303 sample is playing continuously even if I change start/end points. I have to hit sample pad again to retrigger it.
On 555 when I turn the knobs to edit it, it just retriggers the sample from the beginning. It's OK, when I edit a start point, but it's annoing to edit the end point this way. At least if I edit longer sample, I have to let it play all thru.
Also on 303 I can use reverse button as rewind button on oldschool tape player, it just plays sample from the point I hit the reverse backwards untill I hit reverse again...
On 555 It just retriggers the sample and play it from the end to the start.
Is there some trick to edit start/end point precissely and quickly?

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