Loop capture/sampling pads sync problem
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Author:  lmusik [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:07 am ]
Post subject:  Loop capture/sampling pads sync problem

Hi guys, I know you have discussed this topic several times here,but I am new here and didnĀ“t read all that older posts.
Anyway this is my problem with 555 - when I record external synth sample in loop capture ,save it to pad 1 then record another one and save it to pad 2, and start playing them together, they play in sync but after few seconds they just start go out of sync. I tried multiple tricks like - no auto start, no measure, bpm recording, resampling from loop capture to a pads, but nothing helps. Is there any suberb trick or technique to make it or ist just the general failure of this part of 555 ? :? :(

In the meantime I havent tried regular sampling mode, but is this also problem of that method or just loop capture?

Thank you for any help...

Author:  lmusik [ Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Loop capture/sampling pads sync problem


yesterday i tried a trick from hurlingdervish - no autostart, set the measure, record in bpm, no mark at the end - result was that the loop was fine in loop capture mode but once i resampled it or used save to pad and trigger with drum loop which was on the other pad, they were playing in sync maybe 15-20 sec, then start to drift. i also did it in the bank A (out of card) to prevent any issue with a card speed.
the same issue is also when i sample audio from ableton through usb and play
with drums - it drifted after a while.
so is there something i really do wrong or its just the crappy model which i bought, or any other explanation please ?? :? :?

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