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 Post subject: The Hidden Looper Undo Function:
PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2023 11:15 am 
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While the Looper on the SP-555 is pretty damn cool, the bad news is that (as is the case with most of these devices) it lacks an 'Undo' button.

The good news is that although it lacks an 'Undo' button, it does not lack the ability to perform that function. Since you need to do it manually I suppose it could be considered a 'Hidden Function', so here's how I personally like to do it.

First of all I dedicate a bank to use as my 'Undo Bank', and as soon as any sample is transferred to (or recorded into) the Looper, I make a habit of using the 'Save To Pad' button and save it to the first pad of my 'Undo Bank'. Then, as I continue working on the looper, I use 'Save To Pad' after each successful addition I make to the loop, saving them to successive pads as I go. And because I have a dedicated bank for 'Looper Undo', it means I can even go back in time as many as 16 Undo iterations (one undo per pad in the bank).

Eventually you'll mess-up when recording live into the looper (from an external source for example), but as long as you set up an 'Undo Bank', all you need to do is delete the messed-up sample from the looper and use the 'Auto-Trigger' and 'Auto Length' to record one of your saved Undo samples from your 'Undo Bank' back to the Looper.

Once you have your 'Undo Bank' sample transferred back the Looper, you can continue from where you were before you messed up (or even further back depending on how many Undo samples you have saved to your 'Undo Bank' at the time).

What really makes this possible is that, thankfully, Roland have built-in an Auto-Length cutoff feature that operates not only when you record back to the looper, but also when you use 'Save To Pad' in the first place. This means that if you had set a specific amount of Bars/Measures for the Looper, it will automatically end the recording at the right time even when saving it back to a pad, so you don't need to worry about manually trimming it.

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