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 Post subject: SP-555 Amp Sim Tips
PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2023 5:21 pm 
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After havng used it a bit, I think one of the nicest effect additions to the 555 over the 404 is the Amp and Sim effect (Effect Number 11 in Effect Bank B). Luckily you get control over the Amp, Cab and Volume in a single effect which brings me to the point of posting these tips.

Obviously, with all the Amp and Cab combinations at your disposal it's great for grunging things upa bit (or a lot), but it can also act as two other effect types if you think about it.

Tip 1:
It can be used as a Gain effect for quiet samples. To do this simply set the Amp (Knob 1) to CLN (Which represents Clean Twin). Set the Cab (Knob 3) to something that is as uncoloured as possible, and use the Volume (Knob 2) to increase the gain of your sample. If you feel like you're not getting enough gain without the effect kicking in, just do it by raising it as far as you can, then resample and do it again.

Tip 2:
It can also be used as a make-do Exciter and works surprisingly well at sweetening-up vocals (especially vocals that are solo with nothing else going on). To use it as an exciter, again you need to set the Amp to CLN, but this time use the most appropriate Cab based on whichever one sweetens the vocals up best. The trick with this one is to use the volume knob in moderation, listening carefully so that you get just enough volume to cause the effect to kick in. Doing this can add clarity and presence to a vocal, make it stand out more.

When using it as an Exciter, the most important thing to bear in mind is that it works best on solo stuff, so things like spoken or sung solo vocal or individual instruments before they are added to the mix.

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