SP404SX issue with memory card...
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Author:  bog gender [ Sat Jun 18, 2016 6:15 am ]
Post subject:  SP404SX issue with memory card...

So I just got the SP404SX a couple weeks ago and I am really enjoying it. I made a bunch of beats on this one memory card and also loaded a bunch of samples onto it.

I have been using my 404 all day but then I had to drive for an hour but when I got to the spot where I was driving to my 404 didn't work regularly. I can play samples, put effects on samples, and playback patterns... but i can't record patterns, delete samples, re record samples, or edit samples in any way shape or form. I tried it with another memory card and it worked like normal. I thought it must be an issue with storage so i deleted a bunch of the drum samples on the card i didn't use and it still didn't work!!

I've looked all over for any similar stories but can't find any. please help because I'm working on a beat tape and i currently have 3 beats on that memory card that are finished or close to finished that i need to get into my DAW... thank you and pls help!!!

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