Watch out Digitakt/TR8/TR8S, Korg’s dropping the Drumlogue
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Author:  Headphones [ Thu Sep 15, 2022 11:49 am ]
Post subject:  Watch out Digitakt/TR8/TR8S, Korg’s dropping the Drumlogue

https://www.synthanatomy.com/2022/09/hy ... -d-50.html



Looks like Korg’s turning up the heat on their competition! I may get this over the SP404 mk2 if I’ve gotta come up with $600 for this. But it’s interesting there will be 3rd party support. Internal memory is limited, but it is there. Seems like it’s got everything you’d need to mutate samples if so. Multi outs which means I can send individual hits through pedals, FX units, or my SPs! The screen coulda been bigger, but it’s there at least.

Should drop by the holidays for $600.

Author:  SP-USER [ Fri Sep 16, 2022 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Watch out Digitakt/TR8/TR8S, Korg’s dropping the Drumlog

Not turned on by this to be honest bruh. The first video bored the shit out of me so much I had to skip and skip and eventually stop it. The review by Loopop didn't fare any better either.

When I think of what Korg were producing a decade ago, like the Electribe ESX etc, and then look at this thing, it just reminds me of how much usability and truly purposeful design has taken a nose-dive. There's no way I would buy that thing over an SP-404MKII, put it that way!

I think you would have to be out of your mind to do that cause although the MKII isn't technically a "drum machine", it is much better at being one than that Korg device is (and a lot more besides).

I usually don't outright say "Don't buy it!" to anyone, but in this case I'm making an exception because the physical design looks messy, it's way over-priced and Korg have crippled it with an outrageously lame amount of sample memory, so lame in fact that they decided to make the envelopes 2 seconds max.

Seriously, get a SP-404MKII instead, there'is no comparison as long as you have a synth to feed it and let's face it, you do have a nice synth! I think if you buy that thing over an SP-404MKII you will regret it big-time!

Author:  Headphones [ Fri Sep 16, 2022 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Watch out Digitakt/TR8/TR8S, Korg’s dropping the Drumlog

I could see both making a wicked tag team, but it’s got my ears & eyes interested. It would boil down to price & availability. If I had the $600 to burn, and Sweetwater told me which one was ready to ship, then I’d have to see which scale to tip. Because I can’t afford both right now. The Drumlogue reminds me of a ER-1 with a ES-1 tossed in as well. But some did point out it coulda had more memory for user samples. But I think they weren’t trying to make it a SP/MPC, and I respect them for not trying to make it do too much.

If it’s not for you, fair enough. But for me it’s flexible with 64 step sequencer, multi outs, and easily can do glitch, randomization, and the like. Maybe a little later the prices will go down. Maybe because of world problems it would go up? I don’t have a crystal ball on that. But this ones definitely in my wishlist for 2023.

But I was almost considering a Digitakt. Now that’s a hell no.

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