Anyone own the Arturia Minibrute??
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Author:  Headphones [ Thu Feb 20, 2020 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Anyone own the Arturia Minibrute??

I’m picking up my RC-505 Friday, but now one itch to scratch is synths, and modular is one I’ve wanted to get started on. I decided on a Minibrute for now, before I buy a Eurorack case/power supply, or any modules. It’s just $199 at a local music instrument place I frequent, and I only need to drop $60 for layaway. After I pay it off I could invest in some Behringer Eurorack synths (pro-1, K2, Model D, Neutron or Wasp), and have at least 2 synths to patch together to see what happens.

I know from YouTube what it sounds like, so I’m wondering if you use it, what you like/don’t like about it, did it get you into modular or was that just a rabbit hole you refused to jump in? I know the Minibrute2 is better with more patch ability, but they don’t have one for $200 yet. So the 1st one will have to do.

If it can blow apart your monitors lemme know. Don’t need that!

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Author:  ryba [ Fri Feb 21, 2020 3:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone own the Arturia Minibrute??

Just from my point of view:
I had one (shared with my bandmates...) Anyway. I have / had a lot of synths.
I don't like the sound of a filter on Minibrute. It's actually too dirty and brutal for my taste. I like more vintage sound on synths.. A keyboard action is prety nice. I had to modify modwheel and aftertouch range (stick some trimmers in the way to reduce range of them).. It was just too wild for my taste.. Anyway Microbrute is fine for deep heavy basslines (from my view).. I don't like slider potentiometers here, It's just too sensitive..
Minibrute can't syns to external analog Trigger (just Midi) I tried to modify it, but results was on a half way...
Trigger OUT doesn't send steady clock, just gate when Note is ON (on the REST on a sequencer, there isn't a clock on Gate OUT)
I'd go for MS20mini instead. The connectivity would be so much better here. I just tried it once and didn't like oscilators sound, it was too..clean for me..But I'd go for it anyway.. good synth for the price..
And it's comming in fullsize variant now? OK. Good news here. Don't know the pricing... Or grab a Behringer.. You always can grab a Behringer.. Better prices and sound I think..
(EDIT: OK... Now I Know the pricing... WTF Korg? Twice as Mini?... OK. Screw that. Grab a Behringer... Any Behringer...)
I ended up with vintage MS10 for myself and oh, boy... Just pure love to this...

Author:  Vivian Neezhnies [ Fri Feb 21, 2020 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone own the Arturia Minibrute??

Check out the micro brute its exactly what you're looking for. Its more scaled-down than the mini brute but it also has a patch bay and can be found under 200 online all day.

Author:  Headphones [ Sat Feb 22, 2020 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone own the Arturia Minibrute??

I’m all embarrassed now. Didn’t scrounge the cash for my RC505 or the Minibrute. :oops: Pesky bills saw to that I suppose. Well, if it doesn’t get claimed by March 6th, I guess I could try to drop the $ on it. I sorta want the Minibrute for its sequencer & CV ins/outs. Later I could invest in Behringer synths when I can afford to do so. But I might need to look into a 2nd job to generate some extra cash. Just isn’t fair I tell ya. But I’m definitely looking into that Behringer Eurorack Go for a case for modules.

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