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 Post subject: Re: Good news! aka the Look What I Just Got thread
PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2023 5:20 pm 
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Haven't done so yet but I'm seriously considering buying an OPSIX again :twisted:

I know, I already had one and sent it back but guess what, I miss it too much and by all accounts it's my ideal synth. I was both a kid and teen in the 80s, love FM synths and also love Harpsichords, Organs, Brass, Guitars, Pianos and Electric Pianos in all their flavours and there is no synth out there better suited to that stuff than the OSIX.

This update makes me want it even more badder:

Not only that, I bought the SP-404MKII again and love it this time around and I think the same will happen with the OPSIX (even though I loved it the first time around anyway). It means my Roland A-49 would be surplus to requirements (because all I would need is an OPSIX and SP-404MKII and that would be me rig), but I don't mind that especially since they released a desktop module enclosure for the OPSIX which means that if I wanted to, I could always convert it to a desktop module and connect it to the Roland A-49 giving me a 4-octave OPSIX.

To be honest though, now that I have the SP-404MKII and intend to work with it in a certain way, I actually kinda like the idea of the OPSIX being a 3-octave synth because side-by-side or even one placed above the other, an SP-404MKII paired with an OPSIX is a very compact setup that has full-sized keys, and together they make a full-on synthesis, beat-making, sequencing, sampling and audio recording powerhouse.

And all without needing more than two pieces of gear!

So I'm pretty sure I'm going to do this, and a bonus (for me anyway) is that as well as being an epic combo for making old sounding instrumentation and tracks, it's also epic for producing 80s style music due to the FM synthesis and being able to use the SP as super-charged LinnDrum and DMX as well as a sampler, sequencer and recorder.

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