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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:33 pm 
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I tried to get my younger brother to read a couple of books like this, he's 15. At that age give or take I don't think books like this are effective. Maybe its just him, but they don't seem to be as receptive to books like this. Maybe its the Herd Mentality common in high school or the fact that life hasn't really hit them yet so they really don't care about things like this.

You're right....I wasn't even ready for it in my early twenties. BUT, I mainly mean teach the ideas inside the book to kids. Like learning how to stay in the now instead of lost in your head. Learning how to treat others with respect & how to understand others. Learning how to control emotions. Just a lot of good life to live a happier & more fulfilling life. I think there are ways it can be taught to kids in a fun way...taught in a way that actually opens their eyes....makes them WANT to listen & learn. For example, my brother would never read the book. But I've read it so many times I was able to "teach" it to my brother. Not only did it change his life it changed his life in a way that everyone noticed in a major way. He used to be extremely irritable, like really bad. Unhappy all the time, just a fuckin dick. I was scared to even say hi to him. Since we had our talks a little over a year ago he is a COMPLETELY different person. & now I consider him my best friend (even tho he's 12 years younger than me).

I'll stop going off, I just get passionate about it. This book (well the ideas inside the book) & music production are the 2 things I am most passionate about. 2 things that I would say, saved my life.

I'll check out your new single tonight Soul Choppa!

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