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 Post subject: When did you realize you were getting better at making beats
PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:25 am 
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Peace guys, hope you're doing well. I'm wondering, what made you guys feel like you leveled up at making beats? It could be anything about it, sampling, chopping, structuring, writing progressions, SP workflow, finishing beats, anything.. Just what made you guys feel like you advanced as a producer? I put my experience below but its a bit of a read so feel free to skip if you want.

For me, I was working on a beat the other night when I had the realization I'm actually getting a little better at this shit.. I've been making music in different ways since i was a teenager (bass guitar, lightly producing on a computer) but a year or two ago while I was in a hard place in life I ended up coming up on a 404sx and seriously committing to making beats. Every single day when I had time I was working on music, Any chance I got. If its 30 minutes cool, if it's 6-8 hours dope. Outside of work and taking care of my family making music became my number one thing. Occasionally I would try to take a day to chill but I literally couldn't take a break for more then half a day. even if I felt burnt out or creatively blocked I would just watch cats make beats on youtube or lurk the forums.

For a while I couldn't use the 404 alone, I had to use a computer or later on a MPC 1K cuz My timing was bad. Also with sampling after the first 2 months I stopped using pre made loops and starting digging records or youtube to sample. And man I struggled. I couldn't find shit and I would go through so many songs just to find that one piece to pull. I would also struggle with chopping and structuring a song. Each beat would take a few weeks to put together, it would be frustrating, wanting to create something but being blocked by my skill, but something in my head just goes haywire if I'm not making music.

But over time after experimenting again and again and lurking the forums hardcore, I started learning more techniques and as of recently something clicked in my head and I've been using the 404 standalone. It's so dope. Others have said this but once I found workarounds for the limitations and I found a groove it was very liberating, like theres magic in the box but you gotta be patient it to get it, its not just handed to you. In my MPC and computer I spend more time tweaking parameters then actually making the beat. The stripped down workflow enables me to work more straight forward and actually finish tracks. Also with sampling after developing my ear better, I look at tracks differently now. Almost like looking for different elements through the whole track instead of just a 2-4 bar to chop.

Please don't get me wrong though I still have a long way to go. I've been listening to a lot of the beats from the 'your favorite SP forums music of all time' threads and some of the music in there is insane.. By no means am I even trying to apply that Im advanced at this shit. More so a beginner turning to an intermediate. It feels so dope to be able to make music now, before it was almost a battle at times with my short comings but now I feel like Ive found a flow to work with and I'm just happy that I committed and didn't give up.

I would love to hear what your guys story is and how those moments felt for you. Much love. 8)

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