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 Post subject: Re: bassline
PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:27 pm 

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kel wrote:
If you can sing, try using the Octave fx and boosting the lower octave as you sing into the mic. You can get some smooth sine wave notes to chop up.


Loop literally a millisecond of audio
resample with MFX22 (404 subsonic) using the pitch and threshold as desired.

 Post subject: Re: bassline
PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:04 pm 
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seezesea wrote:
I've been messing around with an sp sample bass technique I kinda stumbled upon the other night, I think it's awesome and recommend giving it a try, works on any sp with the c.canceller effect.

You start with a sample with a bass part that you wanna chop (doesn't matter if there's other instruments over top of the bass). Record that into the sp in STEREO with the c.canceller on it, which you set to boost the low end a little and cut the highs a little, use the left/right control to cut out as much of the high part of the sample (piano/vocals/strings or whatever) as it can.
You then resample this in MONO to a new pad and chop it up however you want.
I've found that the conversion from stereo to mono on a sample that has the c.Canceller on it really brings out the bass for some reason, and it sounds super sick when you put the bassy sample under some drums.

I tried it on a bunch of different samples from different genres of music and it seems to be a pretty solid technique. Takes some practice and experimenting to get the right setting on the Canceller but when you do it doesn't sound as flat as a sample with just bass boosting/high cutting with the eq or isolater.

nice one, didnt knew about this technique. i just tested it and got some nice results with it. thanks for sharing

 Post subject: Re: bassline
PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:30 pm 
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I'm picky with bass & have a hard time getting it to sound right even when it's the same key.

Since I have a hard time with bass, especially when using samples (vinyl), I had a revelation....majority of the shit I sample is full of instruments, like guitar, piano, acoustic drums, ect, ect, so maybe an instrument for bass would sound better. I bought a bass guitar sample pack to test it out (JFilt/Very Sick Beats made some good ones) & boy was I right. I bought a bass guitar right after & so happy I did. Only paid $110, so it's just a cheap bass guitar, but still sounds great to me, especially with a little Analog Heat.

If I don't use bass guitar, I use a Volca Kick, Proteus 2000/MoPhatt or Ms-20 mini. I really like the Volca Kick for Sub bass & it makes some mean basslines.

For some reason I've never been fond of just low-passing the main sample & using that for bass. Mainly due to the fact that it never sounds like a bassline doing it's thing.... it just adds low end to the main melody/chops. BUT I'm glad this thread came back up, I need to try out this method again. If I can't get bass guitar or a synth to sound how I want right away, I just give up & don't add bass. This is when I need to use the low pass trick to atleast give the beat some low end. Gonna mess with this more.

OLD BATTLE BEATS & a few extra tracks

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