Exporting wav's from card backups
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Author:  ghost bazz [ Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:55 am ]
Post subject:  Exporting wav's from card backups

If you have a copy of the wav converter app, you can use it to export wav's from your SP-555 card backups. By backing up, I mean copying cards in their entirety from your CF card to your computer. This is all pretty straight forward, but I figured I'd pass it along.

First you need to format a USB flash drive in MS DOS FAT format. Disk name: FUGUEFAT

Then copy your backed up CF card to that drive with the following file structure:

Drive/Disk Name: FUGUEFAT
Then, on the main directory a folder of SP-555 stuff: ROLAND
... and within that folder are the associated 555 files.

Once you've formatted your disk and applied this file structure/naming, you can use the converter app to export wav's from your old card backups. Super useful if you have a bunch of backed up 555 cards and you sell your machine.

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